A new 2FA that enables mutual, two-way authentication

Cyphlens takes two-factor authentication to a new level by making it a two-way process, enhancing security and enabling new use cases beyond the traditional single-user, two-step method.


How it works

1. User enters username

In order to login, the user enters their username on the company website.

2. Website creates encrypted 2FA

The website creates an encrypted 2FA image for the user. Only the company website can create such an image.

3. User decrypts image

The user decrypts the encrypted 2FA image and swipes to verify the 2FA. Only a legitimate user can decrypt such an image.

4. User enters password

Once the two-way 2FA has been completed, the user is prompted to insert their password.


Unique user experience

From point-to-shoot to point-to-decrypt

Point-to-Decrypt is a familiar and frictionless user experience

Cyphlens makes it as simple as just pointing your mobile camera at the encrypted 2FA image to mutually authenticate with a website.


Mutual authentication

No phishing

Combat fake websites as only the legitimate website can create a valid Cyphlens image for users.

Offline operations

Even when mobile devices have no internet access, there is no loss of security with Cyphlens.

Easy recovery

Easy and fully automated recovery for lost or stolen devices without costly customer support.