An additional layer of defense even if email accounts are compromised

Take the pressure off hacked email accounts for critical processes such as password resets. Even if your email is compromised, you are not.


How it works

1. Request password reset

The user requests a password reset or follows the forgot password flow on a website.

2. Receive encrypted reset link

The website creates an encrypted image of the password reset link and sends it to the user via email.

3. Decrypt link

The user decrypts the encrypted image in the email and clicks on the password reset link.

4. Password is reset

The user follows the usual flow for password reset from their mobile device.


Unique user experience

From point-to-shoot to point-to-decrypt

Point-to-Decrypt is a familiar and frictionless user experience

Cyphlens makes it as simple as just pointing your mobile camera at the encrypted content to validate and access your information, if authorized to do so.


Security beyond the login

Account compromise resilient

Even if a hacker has your email credentials or access to your vendor's email account, Cyphlens offers another layer of defense for critical internal processes.

Persistent auditable security

When using Cyphlens images, you can set time expirations and keep track of all interactions providing full auditability.

Email workflow compatibility

Cyphlens enabled processes can be extended across multiple email accounts internally and externally for added security.