Reduce fraud and improve operations with automated, electronic callbacks

Don't let the fear of wire fraud compromise your customer experience. With Cyphlens, you can ensure both the security of your wires and a superior customer experience.


How it works

1. Create instructions

The customer creates the payment instructions and submits them to the bank.

2. Receive encrypted callback

The bank creates an encrypted image of the instructions and sends them to the customer.

3. Verify instructions

The customer decrypts the instructions to verify them and approve.

4. Transaction is approved

The bank receives the customer approval and the transaction is processed.


Unique user experience

From point-to-shoot to point-to-decrypt

Point-to-Decrypt is a familiar and frictionless user experience

Cyphlens makes it as simple as just pointing your mobile camera at the encrypted content to validate the beneficiary account information, if authorized to do so.


Secure wire callbacks

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Even if a hacker changes a wire instruction at any stage, you are able to securely see it and thwart the attacker.

Business Email Compromise

The process can be incorporated into a workflow that is resilient even if the email account is compromised.

Maker-checker compatibility

The wire process can be extended to multiple checkers using the advanced Cyphlens via your existing workflow.