Beyond the Login

  • Fully Auditable
  • Next Generation Callbacks
  • Point to Decrypt
  • Man-in-the-middle Attack Resilient
  • Fully Auditable

A unique platform for protecting data beyond the login

Most cybersecurity defenses focus on stopping hackers and fraudsters at the login page. We provide a second level of defense against the ones who break through.


Simple platform


Send wires after performing fully automated, secure electronic callbacks.

Cyber Risk

Use a more secure MFA and password reset tool that is MITM attack resilient.


Secure seed phrases digitally and offer more secure crypto software wallets.


Unique cybersecurity protection

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Provide an extra layer of defense for sensitive transactional data during an attack.

Data-in-view decryption

Add the protection of an encryption layer to content viewing in real time.

Account compromise

Stop hackers from accessing critical information after an account is compromised.