Visually encrypt and share secrets

Protect Your
Secrets And
Sensitive Content

Visually encrypt your most sensitive content for either work (e.g., login credentials, bank account details, passphrases, screenshots) or fun (e.g., photos, riddles, time-limited messages).

Share secrets with an expiration date

Control Who Can
See What And
For How Long

Decide who can see your sensitive content. Content can be private, public or shared with specific people. Add an expiration date to your sensitive content or revoke access at any time.

Easy point to decrypt user experience

Easy & Intuitive
User Experience

Easy and intuitive point-to-decrypt user experience both online and offline. Just point your phone camera to the encrypted image to see your sensitive content magically appear.

Share sensitive content in emails, apps and more

Share Your Secrets
& Sensitive Content
Anywhere You Like

Content encrypted with Cyphlens can be shared anywhere users like for either work (e.g., Email, Slack, Telegram, LinkedIn) or fun (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype).

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Cyphlens decryption overlay (AR view)

Unprecedented Privacy And Security

With Cyphlens you can easily encrypt your private and sensitive content and share it securely anywhere you want, with only the people you want.

  • Protect your secrets by visually encrypting your most sensitive content. No one will be able to access it unless you want them to;

  • Share secrets with friends, family and collegues for either work or fun by using your favorite program or messaging app;

  • Add an expiration date: once expired no one will be able to see the private content anymore, not even you;

  • Keep critical information encrypted and offline by printing it on paper (i.e., cold storage for everyone).

 Cyphlens does not store any of your passwords and personal identifiable information. Your data, your responsibility.

Protect And Share Your Content


Add your confidential
content or photo.

Cyphlens app compose message or photo


Decide who can
see it.

Cyphlens app add contacts to share content with


Add an expiration
date if you like.

Cyphlens app add expiration date to content


Share it anywhere
you like.

Cyphlens app share content as an encrypted image anywhere you like
Email and messaging apps where to share content with Cyphlens

See Confidential Content

Just point the phone camera
to see the encrypted
content magically appear.

Cyphlens app decrypt content with overlay view (AR view)

Open a Cyphlens image from
your camera roll or other
app to decrypt it.

Cyphlens app decrypt content from file with popup view
 At Work

DevOps professionals can use Cyphlens to store or share sensitive credentials,
passphrases, passwords and more with their team and C-level management.

Employees can share banking and other sensitive information with HR.

Any sensitive information encrypted with Cyphlens can be printed on paper for
true cold storage.

Share with your team on Slack, MS Teams, Telegram, Email and more. If your
account is compromised, information encrypted with Cyphlens remains
inaccessible to the attacker.

 At Home

Share your sensitive content, photos and more with your friends and

Share personal and financial details (e.g., credit card number, SSN) with
a family member, accountant and more.

Share securely via email, social media, printed paper or anyway you like.

Private content: encrypt and store personal content such as passwords,
recovery phrases, screenshots and more.

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