Transaction and fraud protection and validation

Protect User
Accounts & Funds
From Fraud

Users keep control over their account and transactions. No more data hijacking, loss or misuse.

Protection against phishing and man in the middle attacks

Fight Fake Websites
& Intercepting

Mutual 2FA enables users to verify the authenticity of a website and websites to authenticate users.

Easy point to decrypt user experience

Improved User

Fast and intuitive point-to-decrypt user experience both online and offline. No more long lists of codes to pick from.

Reduce customer service costs

Reduce Total Cost
of Ownership

Minimize financial losses and lower customer service costs
by reducing the need for technical support.

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Mutual 2FA to protect sensitive transactions from man in the middle attacks

Mutual Transaction 2FA

Users can verify and approve transactions before they happen. Allow only the legitimate user to decrypt, verify and authorize the transaction and its details. Every transaction is verified and approved by the user exactly as it will be executed by the company servers.

Man-in-the-middle attacks can be identified and stopped.

Mutual Login 2FA

Enables bi-directional second-factor authentication between users and the company website. Users can easily perform 2FA authentication without having to worry about phishing attacks.

No more fake websites misleading users.

Mutual second factor authentication
Mutual 2FA to protect logins and passwords from phishing attacks
Saves customer support cost and interactions
Saves money

Reduce customer service costs

Some of the most costly operations in a business have to do with customer support. Unlike other solutions, we enable end users to securely migrate their account to a new device without any customer service intervention.

Full offline support

All features work also offline, even if there is no Internet service on the end user mobile device.

Offline, no signal, support
Works offline on airplanes
Works offline on tall buildings
Works offline in remote locations

How It Works

Login Example

User enters username

User enters username

User receives and decrypts a unique encrypted Cyphlens image

  1. A unique image is generated for the user

  2. User decrypts image with Cyphlens app

  3. User checks website details and approves with a swipe

User enters password

User enters password