Protect sensitive information even for compromised accounts

Protect User Accounts
& Data When
Everything Else Fails

Even if a user account is hacked, information encrypted by Cyphlens remains available to the user and inaccessible to the attacker.

Partial encryption of webpages and documents

Partial Encryption
Of Documents
Webpages & More

Encrypt only the sensitive parts of a document or webpage and enable different access levels deciding who has access to what parts.

Point to decrypt user experience

Easy & Intuitive
User Experience

Just point your phone camera at the encrypted content in order to see the underlying sensitive information, if authorized to do so.

Effortless REST API integration

Easy Integration
And Effortless

Integration with our backend REST API is rapid and effortless. Discover the full power of Cyphlens with just a few API calls.

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Medical record partial encryption example

Beyond Login

Today the only protection users have from anyone accessing their personal information and assets is their login.

With Partial Encryption we protect the critical parts of documents (e.g., medical records), online accounts (e.g., online banking) and more by adding an encrypted layer on top of existing systems.

Even if an online account is hacked or login credentials are stolen, sensitive information encrypted with Cyphlens remains inaccessible to the attacker and available to the legitimate user. Finally, true peace of mind!

  Partial encription of sensitive data

  Fine-grained access control

  Compromised account protection

Prevent Activation and Online Frauds

With Cyphlens, protecting credit card PINs and CVV codes is very easy and intuitive. Protect your customers' identity and funds like never before. Our technology can guarantee that PIN numbers and CVV codes will be available only to the legitimate card holder.

Save on customer service costs, reduce stolen funds, and discontinue expensive tamper-proof paper mail-ins for new cards' PIN codes.

  Enable encrypted static/dynamic CVV

  Sharable access

  Fraud prevention & cost savings

Credit card security code (CVV) encryption example
Comparison Cyphlens vs other solutions

Share Securely With Employees And Customers

Malicious password reset: even if your customer's email account is compromised, the attacker will not be able to decrypt the password reset URL or token sent by email.

C-level communication: any piece of critical information exchanged between management can now be encrypted using Cyphlens and shared using email, Slack or any other tool used within the company.

DevOps: share sensitive passwords, account recovery tokens, API secrets, infrastructure details and more in a completely secure way.

Business Email Compromise (BEC): when receiving an email that looks suspicious or from management asking for a critical task to be performed, create an encrypted challenge and verify the identity of the sender.

  Anyone hacking an employee's email or Slack account, would have access to any information exchanged by the employee. However, information protected by Cyphlens would still be inaccessible to the attacker.

Email and messaging apps where to share content with Cyphlens